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Path template - Seam AddLoc

Hello evebody,


is it possible to add seam location using Apply Path teplate function?


the structure


<Action Name="Kuka1ve" Description="Adds" LocRange="First">
<AddLoc Name="weave1" RefLoc="Itself" RefreshFilter="true" Placed="After"
RelX="5.0" RelY="5.0" RelZ="20.0" LocType="Seam" CopyAttachment ="true">




does not work


thanks in advance




Re: Path template - Seam AddLoc

[ Edited ]

Hello Dave.

Can you provide some more details ? Like which version of PS are you using and what exactly happens when you try this template? Does your Customized XML Checker allow the template or not  ?


I tried your code in Process Simulate 12.0.TR1 (current version) on my machine and it adds a location named "weave1" after the first location of the selected Seam.



Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: Path template - Seam AddLoc

Hi Dave.

Just wanted to ask one more question: what are you using this template for ? If you insert a Seam location the way this template describes, it probably doesn't fall on your original MFG, in which case when it is projected its created somewhere off the MFG which doesn't seem useful.


Also - FYI - in 12.0.TR1 (not yet released) there's an ER scheduled to allow inserting a new Seam location inside the seam be distance from the RefLoc which might handle this case better.


Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: Path template - Seam AddLoc

[ Edited ]

Hi Gal,


I tested it in RobotExpert 11.1TR3 only. The XML Checker checks the template file with success.


According to your suggestion I'll try it on the version 12. As you mentioned 12TR1 is not releeased yetSmiley Happy


The motivation of this template is only my research how to the most effectively modify seam operations (e.g. simulate arc weld weaving).