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Path template doesn't work

Hello everyone,

i have a problem. I wrote a basic xml template, and it doesn't work. XML doesn't have any mistakes. Below is my program:

<RobotController Name="Abb-Rapid" Version="All">
  <Action Name="SetColor" LocRange="First">
  <Color Value="YELLOW"/>


When i try to apply it in "Apply Path Template Action" i see this window.


When i press sellect nothing happend. Template is placed "PathTemplateConfiguration" folder, and saved as XML, also RCS work properly. What is wrong? Why i can't select any action?


I attach XML file.


Accepted by topic author korop
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Path template doesn't work



there is a small typo error in the xml:


instead of Actionlist should be ActionList

Re: Path template doesn't work

Thank You. It's solved my problem!