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Performance issue Graphic Viewer Process Simulate v14.0


When navigating in a study using spacemouse there is no problem rotating, zooming and generally looking around really quick. Performance slider (LOD) is set to maximum quality. Drivers are updated.



But when I want to take a measurement (Linear Distance) I activate the tool and start zooming towards my object of interest then the graphic viewer freezes for a moment (I let go of the spacemouse) but when the system unfreezes the objects are not in the graphics viewer or at least the object I was aiming for is not in sight.


There are two different types of behavior:

If I select the tool (Linear distance) and move the mouse pointer in over the objects in my graphics viewer while I zoom with the spacemouse the system is laggy and the graphics "hangs" for a couple of seconds.


If I select the tool (Linear distance) and move the mouse pointer out of the graphics viewer (over the ribbon) the system is as responsive as without any tool selected. If I move the mouse pointer in over the graphics viewer the system becomes laggy. (still manipulating the view with my spacemouse)


It is as if the system wants to analyze what I am pointing on.


I have tried to modify the settings under Options->Graphics Viewer

but nothing makes it better.



Are there other settings setting I can modify other than adjusting the LOD setting?