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Physics Management


Hello community,


I'm a new user on Process Simulate Standalone, which I use for a bachelors project but I am having trouble with dynamic (pushing, conveying...) interactions between parts and resources.  I have looked at the tutorials and searched on this forum but I haven’t been able to find an answer.


My model has three stations, the first is an actuator that pushes a block on a conveyor without skid.

The second station is composed of three actuators that works like a robot and takes a cylinder and poses it on the block and the third station removes the cylinder.


I have some problems because I don't understand how PS works with de dynamics. I have defined the block and the cylinder like parts. The actuators have a tool at their ends but don't push the parts.

I have defined a linear conceptual conveyor and the parts like conveyable parts but the block doesn’t move on the conveyor. Also the robot can take the cylinder if I defined it like a robot and use a pick and place but without pick and place the tool doesn't take the cylinder.


My question is, it is possible to interact a part with a resource? And how can I do that?


Currently I "cheat" with Object flow operations but the conveyor is useless. I would like to interact directly with the resources on the parts like in a real model.


Thank you for your answer





Re: Physics Management

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Hi MTerreaux and welcome to the forums!


First of all: PS is not really self explaining. A real training is always the best start.


As PS is optimized to performance and robotics, it has not much physics.

All physical behavior has to be "defined", using e.g. kinematics, invisible conveyors, object-flows and so on.

As we also have physics simulation at Siemens PLM, we know how much performance this costs.


The most common way to manipulate objects (through your resources) is the gripper.

It can be the real gripper geometry from CAD or an artificial, almost invisible little object.

Just read the online help about grippers an the gripping entity.

Find the button in Kinematics>Tool Definition>Listbox: Gripper


Or, if you drive your simulation using operations, you can add operation events, like "attach".


A workaround could also be, to attach a little invisible conveyor at the end of your manipulator, that will push your part when it's touching it's conveying-frame.


If your conveyor does no move parts, most likely your conveying frame is not in reach of the conveying surface.


Re: Physics Management




Thanks for your quick answers. I have used your suggestions to progress with my project, I now use devices and grippers operations to move the parts. It works in standard mode with the parts but in line simulation mode it doesn’t (with appearances). I chose the block appearance in the set gripped objects but with no results. Must I do an object flow operation to move the appearance?


For the conveyor it’s working but I must to do an object flow simulation. Is it normal?