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Pick and place



    I need to pick and place a part with a ROBOT. From the help videos "Basic_process_planning" i can see that Generic Robot operation is used to pick and locate the part. Please let me know how to use Generic Robot operation for the same.





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You can use the "Pick and Place" operation as well. It requires a "Pick location" and a "Place location". There are several ways to create these locations. This is one option to create them on the fly:


1. For the Pick location you can jog the Robot (& Gripper) to where it will grab the part, unblank the tcp frame of the gripper so that you can select it as "Pick location". (Also remeber you can create frames on the fly). 


2. For the "Place location" you can create one or better select the same "Pick location"  frame as well  (This is a trick). Select "Ok" End the "Pick and Place" wizard to create the operation. 


3. To fix the "Place location":  In the Path Editor load the operation, select the "Pick location" with right click choose "Move (robot) to locaton". (Up to here the robot will grab the part)


4. Then you can do a "Manipulate Location" to the previously created "Place location", this will allow you to jog the robot while gripping the part to any destination you wish. The nice thing is you can see how the robot moves the part and its final orientation. After you close the Robot jog window, that location  will be updated. 


Note: The gripper will grab a part only if the gripping entities are close enough to the part. The gripping entities and the offset were selected when you defined the gripper. 


A usefull comand for this is the Snapshot Editor, it can store object positions, blanked objects, as well as many other properties. 


Hope this helps. Regards.




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Its working