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Positionsignal of Robotaxis from OPC-UA connection




in general we want a Robotmodel in Process Simulate to use a Positionsignal form an OPC-UA server and follow that signal.


Is it possible to set an "ExternalConnection" Property for an Robotaxis, specificaly the ActualPosition-Property of an robotaxis?

And would the Robot follow that Signal when I start the Simulation?


We can't use RCS-modules for this and don't want to implement the RRS-Interface (to big of a time investment for us right now)

We just want (like with IO-Signals) to connect the positionsignal from the OPC-UA server onto the robot axis


We want to make sure before we buy all the necessary software and/or licenses


Your Help in this would be much appreciated



Best Regards,



Re: Positionsignal of Robotaxis from OPC-UA connection

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Well the easiest I think would be to build a Logic Block into your Robot Model with 6 entires (REAL) which will read the Signal values and 6 Actions (Jump Joint) to jump each joint into the read position.


Adding an LB this way is a prototype change in your robot so whenever you copy it into a new study you'll have it again and only have to do signal mapping which can be automated.


Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: Positionsignal of Robotaxis from OPC-UA connection


Thank you for your response.


I found out that we actually allready have one license for Process Simulate and some Addons in another department of ours.

So I will be able to try this in the next few days


One more maybe obvious question:

Does the LB get triggert automatically every Simulationtick or do I have to add it in an operation?



Best Regards,