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Problem with applying path template



I was following the following tutorial:


I'm using RobotExpert 12.1.3.


When trying to do as the example, there are two issues:

1. Where is the PathTemplateConfiguration - folder?

2. How can I fix the error message in the picture?2016-04-19_17-51-00.png


Re: Problem with applying path template

Fixed this by installing the default robot controller from the download section.
Accepted by topic author lagi
‎04-22-2016 08:25 AM

Re: Problem with applying path template

The templates are located under Tecnomatix installation folder/eMPower/Robotics/Olp/<controller name>/PathTemplateConfiguration.


The error message can be fixed by removing the error in the template.

CustomizeXmlChecker command (you will need to add that command to the ribbon or use the find command) will provide you with all debugging information to help you finding and fixing the error.



Re: Problem with applying path template

Hello    lagi

can you download the Youtube video and then send it to my E-mailbox

i can not browse the Youtube video.


thanks very much.


best wishes

wang gang