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Problems with ABB an external axes

Hello guys.
I have problem with connection external ABB track/rail to ABB robot.

The rail kinematics is built, i see the upper and lower limits. I added the rail to the robot as an external axis. Robot is attached to the track. Till this moment everything is running.


I initiates RCS. After that I would like to map the external axis, unfortunately, this functionality is not available (as the attached image). I tried to install different MOC files without any positive results. I checked all GTAC manuals describing installation of the ABB RCS.


RCS without rail is working. With rail not.


Does anyone met with this kind of problem?

The ABB robot I'm talking about: IRB_4400L/10

The rail unit:  IRBT4004 5m




Re: Problems with ABB an external axes

Only ABB can provide you with relevant MOC for your robot on a rail. Only if this MOC file does indeed include a rail, you will access the externals mapping.

Re: Problems with ABB an external axes

O. I understand.

I have the MOC file (attached file) from the cell where the robot and the rail exists and works. I try to open an existing cell in PS

Re: Problems with ABB an external axes

I'm thinking of editing irc5.cfg file because there is no information about rail in it.


Is there any manual or description of the commands which I could use ?

Re: Problems with ABB an external axes

If you have an ABB robot with an ABB ext. axis, you need a configured "irc5.cfg" with specific "Manipulator Type". In this case loading MOC.cfg is not enough.

To get the correct "Manipulator Type" for your irc5.cfg please get in contact with ABB RCS Support.


If you have ABB robot with ext. axis from different vendor, loading MOC.cfg is enough.


Best regards