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Process Sim v14, Client access to emsagent


Hi All,


We have recently updated to Process Sim 14 from 12.1.3 and now the Client machines no longer have access to the emsagent. Similar error was corrected by adding a rule to the firewall for 12.1.3, but i was wondering if something has changed with the naming, the port.. etc


The error is shown below.


R:\PROPLANNER\SHARED\lib\NoticeMechanism\NmSubscribeObs.cpp(392) PF:ERROR> finishCollecting: throw an exception @ Tue Sep 19 13:36:13.282, 2017
[0:7756] R:\PROPLANNER\Client\Api\EmpDataEvents\CEmpDataEventsHandler.cpp(111) PP:ERROR> Got PpException: Notification mechanism error occurred: Failed to connect to eMSAgent due to inability to initialize client subscriber. The RPC server is unavailable.

 @ Tue Sep 19 13:36:13.283, 2017


Any ideas?