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Process Simulate Human 13.0.2

Hi, please is there anybody using Process Simulate Human 13.0.2?


Re: Process Simulate Human 13.0.2

I'm not currently on that version, but is there something you need help with?

Re: Process Simulate Human 13.0.2

Hi JasonB,


I'd like to share with someone who have this version experience:

-  with stability (often fall down),

- behaviour of simulation (randomly inserting human object into "link to" field, changing object framework,

- errors in reports (e.g RULA - wrong wrist evaluation), no possibility to print reports if you have not allowed "activeX"

- unable html 3D export of human simulation,

- possibility to have one simulation for different human anthropometric type - e.g. Jill_germen_5% - 50%-95% and Jack_germen_5%-50-95%

-...and much more other...

Actually, I’ vent found forum for PSH 13.+, just Jack...


Thx a lot for your support