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Process Simulate / Logic Block - Behaviour

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Hi guys,

I work for a short time with Process Simulate and need your help.

I have two robots that collide during simulation. So I want to set one to make a break, until the second leaves the zone where they could meet (Interference Volume or zone).

This must be controlled by “logic block”, right?

I would be very happy if anyone can help me and explain the procedure for a beginner.

My problem is that I don´t know how I can enter this in Logic Block.

Thank you in advance


Re: Process Simulate / Logic Block - Behaviour


actually this is a typical question that is answered in a training.

But also in the manual.


You CAN solve this by LogicBlock.

But it's even more simple using a module >> "Modules Viewer"

1. Add relevant robot-signals that handle the zone-request

2. create a Module

3. edit and add the necessary expression and resulting robot-signal

4. pull the module down into the hierarchy under "OB1"

That's it.