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Re: Process simulate: Virtual Commisioning

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Is possible to find an example VC via TIA portal and PLCSIM adv as a really basic application just to understand the how VC is working?

Re: Process simulate: Virtual Commisioning

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I don´t think you will find an example somewhere.

The projects are more or less based on productive data which are confidential, independent from the OEM.


But you could simply create your own test data.

In PS create a very simple resource with an LB inside to control e.g. the kinematics inside the resource.

Add some PLC signals in Signal Viewer e.g. I0.0, I0.1, Q0.0, Q0.1.


In TIA Portal, create a new project and add a 1500CPU to the hardware config.

Create a tag table and add some inputs/outputs e.g. I0.0, I0.1, Q0.0, Q0.1.

If you want to can create some logic in an FB.


In Plcsim Adv, create a new PLC instance.

From TIA compile your hardware and software and download the program to the PLCSIM Adv instance.

When the instance is up and running, create a new ext. connection in PS (Plcsim Adc).
Add the connection to you signals.


Now you can force the signals from PS SImulation Panel and you will see the changes in TIA or the other way around.


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Re: Process simulate: Virtual Commisioning


I have a question about creating safety signals in Process Simulate.

I would like to simulate a ligth grid with Safety Signals. Is there a special function in PS for Safety Signals?
I've already created normal signals for the light grid. If there is a collision with the grid a signal is created.