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Process simulation 13.0.1



Does anybody know how to set legacy mouse buttons without using Ribbons style UI(Process simulation 13.0.1)? At this stage I can set the mouse buttons back to legacy configuration but only in Ribbons style mode and if I set it and then try to go back the mouse then revents to the default style



Accepted by topic author RobSimCoder
‎09-06-2016 11:50 AM

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

Hi RobSimCoder


I don't think this is currently possible.

Why not switch to Ribbons? 

Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

I´m also interested in how to do it. I´m working in version 13.0.2 using the ribbon style but takes much more time (mouse clicks) than a customized interface....

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

Too many clicks in Ribbon style compare to old UI. I think there should be a solution readily available. This same kinda Ribbon style being used for NX but at our work place they could revert back to Old UI.

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

This item is solved in version 13.1

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

I too had the same problem of too many clicks and the ribbon eating away much of graphic viewer screen space.


The alternative I found was to create a new toolbar under customize ribbon option and load it with the frequently used buttons. This still dosent solve the screen space issue but reduces the number of clicks.



kiran koushik

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

Does anyone found solution how to change this ribbon to old one? This new one is awful and make work more difficult.

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

You can control the Menu Style through the Tecnomatix Dr.  Open it and under the Tools drop down you'll find "Enable Ribbon Style UI".  Uncheck or Check it.


BTW in TMX v13.1 the Ribbon Style UI is much better.

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

Ok thank you it can can help Smiley Wink but it just appears and hides all function from ribbon. Could You know how to change this new ribbon (13.0) to this old one for example from Tecnomatix 11?

Re: Process simulation 13.0.1

Did you log out and log back in? Unchecking the option in Tecnomatix Dr changes the menu bar from Ribbon Style to the "traditional" style.