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Puting a Fupa on robot


I am trying to put a Fupa to move with a axis 6 of a abb.

I already got the solution converting a supercomponent from robcad (CO to CO and after inserting cad file)...

But I think that is possible to do by creating an Equipament and putting the robot and Fupa over there and connect some axis on kinematics editor..but probably there is something that I am not doing right ..

Is it possible ?

Re: Puting a Fupa on robot

Re: Puting a Fupa on robot

Yesi, I saw this post.. but maybe I am not doing right... I created an Equipament.. I open a kinematics editor of this equipament and see both kinematics there (Fupa and robot)..

I tried create a link between then, and create a new kinematics with a couple moviment .. but nothing until now..

Re: Puting a Fupa on robot

[ Edited ]

Add a simple dummy kinematics (2 links connected by a joint).

Aftwards you need to couple required fupa joints with robot joints.

Re: Puting a Fupa on robot

Thanks Patrick.. It is almost working right!! Smiley Happy


I created a generic link like you said, and created a couple of 4, 5 and 6 axis... I attached  fupa on link 4 of the robot..


Axis 4 and 6 are working perfecty (I used factor - 1 for both)


But tha ax 5 is not moving correctely.. If I put a factor 1 or - 1 the Fupa moves a little bit, and if a Put a high value, moves in a strange way...


Any trick?


Accepted by topic author Rafael_Luiz
‎03-08-2017 08:18 AM

Re: Puting a Fupa on robot

For A5 please check again if you have selected the correct "j5_couple" in fupa kinematics.

As far as I remember, two joints are crossing.

Please ensure you have selected the correct one.


Best regards