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Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )

Good afternoon, I have some questions about robot expert Path Editor

When I select LIN in a Motion Type or CIRC i define the max speed of this move, but i can define the max acceleration of this.

From what I've seen, the max acceleration for this move is not the defined in the Kinematic Editor.

How I can define this acceleration?

results function Joint

results functyon LIN


and Why I can not reach maximum acceleration with joint function?



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Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )



Is there a motionparameter.e file for this device in the cojt folder? There are settings that can be added to tailor the speeds and accelerations for each joint or cartesian direction.  The manual is located under the Tecnomatix install folder - Tecnomatix_12.1\eMPower\Help\Additional Reference Material.


Please check if this could help.




Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )

the document does not have an understandable expliación, only shows the possible configurations

Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )



You need to create the file, and enter the parameters you wish to have specific values. My thought is the device is taking the internnal default values.  You must enter the velocity and accel/decel parameters and values for the device into motionparameters.e to override the default values.



cart_basic_lin_speed  x.x;
cart_basic_lin_acc  x.x;
cart_basic_lin_dec  x.x;


cart_basic_rot_speed  x.x;
cart_basic_rot_acc  x.x;
cart_basic_rot_dec  x.x;


cart_basic_spin_speed  x.x;
cart_basic_spin_acc  x.x;
cart_basic_spin_dec  x.x;


cart_basic_roll_speed  x.x;
cart_basic_roll_acc  x.x;
cart_basic_roll_dec  x.x;


Replace the x.x with the actual real value for that motion component.


Then, each joint may be treated similarly as well.


Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )

yes, according to what I have understood robot expert is taking the defaults parameters, but I do not have the .e file, I am working with robot expert 11
I check the folder cojt and is not there

Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )

In the cojt folder, create the text file "motionparameters.e", and add the parameters and values you wish to override from default values.


Then reload your cell, and see if there are differences in the motion of the device.


Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )

unfortunately the error persists, still read the internal values of Tecnomatix

Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )

I suggest that you work with your local GTAC office; they can check against your data, and offer more input.

Re: Questions Path Editor (Robot Expert )

thanks for your help