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RCS installation Rw3.2?

Tcm PS + PD 10.1 Standalone.


I have a cell with two ABB6400 with s4c-controller. On the gtac-server is a RCS-Package called, but there is no server like for the irc5-controllers. I´ve installed the rcs-module like the other ones in the rrs.xml:


		<Version Name="rcsabb_rw3_2.s4c">


When I try to start the rcs-module, communication fails (-206). Also I can´t find the right robot type for the rcs, I habe an standard 6400/2.4-150. In the dropdown-menu for the manipulator type are only exotic models, like 6400/2.4-150_balB_DC2. What is to do get the rcs running?


Greetings from munich,






Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

Make sure to install the dedicated ABB RCS Tune Add On for this standalone old version:  

Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

The rcsabb_tune.exe is inside the directory, but it doesn´t work - but also no communication with the rcs module.

Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

Can you provide a screenshot of the "visible shell"? The rcsabb_tune.exe for RCS 3.2 is different from the one you use for RCS 4.0/5.0. I am not sure my first answer was clear enough about it.

Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

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The rcsabb_tune.exe is for rcs 3.2.




I can load the controller as long as I do not try to load the real moc.cfg from the robot. Maybe the problem is that the name of the real robot differs from the rcs-robots:



-name "master" -use_robot_type "6400_2.4_150" -use_joint_0 "irb_1"\


I can´t find a "standard" robot in the rcs from your server, only special named like "6400/2.4-150_DC2T" and so on.

Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

Manipulator Type 6400/2.4-150_DC2T should be OK for 6400_24_150. These names in the RCS are from ABB.


Maybe your MOC.CFG is not compatible with RCS 3.2.

Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

Okay, I can live with that. I can load the rcs-module now, but there is an other problem. When I try to start a simulation for a robot, I got the error message below.


I don`t know if this could be a licence problem, we got the following licences for the rcs-modules:


abb_getnextstep rcsablmd 1.0 permanent 4
abb_getnextstep rcsablmd 5.0 permanent 4


This should be the right one for ic5 an below?





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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

Yes, license issue. RCS 3.2 requires a differente license from ABB than 4.0 S4C+ and 5.0 IRC5.

Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

Same problem, different day. Smiley Wink


After a long discussion with ABB we should have the right licence for this RCS-Version (rcsabb_rw3_2.s4c):

"rcsab_base_feature" v2.0, vendor: rcsablmd
"rcsab_base_feature" v1.0, vendor: rcsablmd
"abb_getnextstep" v6.0, vendor: rcsablmd
"abb_getnextstep" v5.0, vendor: rcsablmd
"abb_getnextstep" v1.0, vendor: rcsablmd


But now we got still the licence warning:



ir_110090r01[RRS]> Hinweis an (Wz1_aufnehmen) p70: RRS Meldung: mocrrs.c 3314 No license: 'Bad encryption handshake with daemon'

ir_110090r01[RRS]> Hinweis an (Wz1_aufnehmen) p70: RRS Meldung: mocrrs.c 3314 No license: 'Bad encryption handshake with daemon'

ir_110090r01[RRS]> Fehler an (Wz1_aufnehmen) p70: Bewegung gescheitert: Internal software error., Fehler Code: -49



I´ve got the hint that we have to move the licence.dat direct to the rcs-folder (….\rrs_bin\rcs_abb\rcsabb_rw3_2.s4c), but this doesn´t work.


Whats the secret to get this rcs to work? Smiley Wink


Re: RCS installation Rw3.2?

For ABB RCS 3.2, you need to define environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE