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ROBOTEXPERT installation error

Recently i installed ROBOTEXPERT 30day trial. I get "tune.exe" error when i click the ROBOTEXPERT icon. I tried uninstall and reinstalling thrice but this problem exists.


Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

Which version of RobotExpert have you installed?
Is there only RE installed on your machine?
I'm not sure but i think it is not possible to run RobotExpert and Prozess Simulate at the same time on one machine.

Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

The version is 11 and I don't have any other Siemens product installed on my computer.


Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

I have no Problems with my RE 11 installation.
My Operation System: win7 x64 Prof.
Dell precision m6600
Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

OK V11.

Where do you have this installation files from?

My installation is also working.

Is this component installed on your system (see screenshot) ?

I´m not quite sure if that is required but I can remember it was automatically installed on my system with the RE installation.

Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

During installation install RE many tools
I'am Not checking the tools
Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

Can you please send me the log file so I will ask R&D t look into it?

To activate the log file creation, go to Start-Tecnomatix-RobotExpert-RobotExpert Doctor and activate the log. Then try to load RobotExpert. Please share the file that is created inthe spcified path. See attached image.




Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error


      I have enabled the log file creation but so far log file is not created. I tried changing the log file storage location but it is of no use. 


Instead I will attach the log file created during installation which is located at 

C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix\eMPower\SetupLogs



Re: ROBOTEXPERT installation error

Looks like you got some windows registry issue, and your registry is unable to map 32-bit RobotExpert in your 64-bit PC. A quick google search of the error code appears to point towards some of the anti-virus software you may have installed, which is causing this issue. I assume you have windows 64 bit PC. If not, please disregard the below steps. The issue might be related to something else.


1) Uninstall RobotExpert

2) Stop all your anti-virus software

3) Restart PC

4) Stop all your anti-virus software

5) Install RobotExpert again.


If the above steps fail check you windows regisrty

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Wow6432Node->Tecnomatix and check if you see the attached image and if it looks the same on your PC. It might provide you some clues