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Relative job

I'd like to make a relative job with RobotExpert for Motoman robot. I imported a user frame from the real robot and would like to create a path relative to that frame so that if I move the frame, the path will follow. Is that possible? I can determine the user frame in Path Editor, but it doesn't seem to work the way I'd like it to work.


Re: Relative job

Hello M_M_S,


have you tried attaching that path to your frame? With the "attach" function.

Re: Relative job

Came to my mind, but I wonder if it still works when I download it to the real robot. Well, just have to try and see.

Re: Relative job

In the robot, you only need to create the relative path. In the software, the positions are not part of the robot, but a representation in the simulation where the robot is going. When you upload the program, it creates those locations in the cell. To simulate the same thing as in the real robot, you need to attach the path to your frame (or to your tool, or whatever moves with your frame) in the simulation.


It's only meant to help your offline programming. When you download it back to the robot, the attachments won't be downloaded.


I hope it helps.