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[Robcad][TCL] Access Instance Parameters



is it possible to query instance parameters of a robot with a macrose-tcl-script? For example, Load datas, information on frames (if external) and so on.


Re: [Robcad][TCL] Access Instance Parameters



Yes, generally you can do so.  You will need to use apGetProperty on the id of the robot.


Attached are 2 example programs that have been used in the field; as part of their process, they get or set information to a robot instance.


I think you can use the functions shown in them as a base for your own programs.

Re: [Robcad][TCL] Access Instance Parameters



i know about the apGetProperty-method.

I meant if it is possible to access properties, that are usually defined in the teach pendant - for example Payload data.


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‎09-04-2015 08:01 AM

Re: [Robcad][TCL] Access Instance Parameters

In this case, you would need to use apGetAttr on the robot instance. With the Attribute Editor, you can see the name of the attributes and their contents (but there is no documentation about how such information is stored).

Re: [Robcad][TCL] Access Instance Parameters



thank you very much, Gilles!

It works now!