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Robcad modeling blocked?



I've got a cell in which I need to modify some components. .co files are in library root. When I use "get for edit" utility it tells me that "Command not executed". So I try to copy whole .co to the .../project/ root and open it via Modeling->Files->Open but it tells me "Library component cannot be modeled". Last thing I did was create a new project under another library root and copy .co to both library root and project root but it still doesn't work. 

Is there any possibility to block modeling for .co? Components from other projects works fine. 



Re: Robcad modeling blocked?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Is there any other error message when you try to get component foor edit? Usually Robcad tells something like "Component is being edited" or "No write permission" or something else.


Check permissions for component (folder and files).


Do you have other components taken for edit?

If not, there's a quick and dirty workaround. You can delete ".edit.db" files from project folder and library folder. Robcad stores components edit state in these files. Also if component was already taken for edit, check "#<component_name>.co" in the library - Robcad stores "backup" of component.

Regards, Vladimir.