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Robot Expert 11 (tr02) missing most important functions

Robot Expert is a very nice tool.

But i'am missing the most important functions!!


- mirror path

- mirror ressource

- automatic create inference volumes (new Feature of process simulate 11)

- pie chart function (this function requires not only for welding)


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: Robot Expert 11 (tr02) missing most important functions


Thank you for the excellent feedback.


You are correct about the availability of Mirror Operation in Process Simulate, but even in Process Simulate, it currently supports only discrete operations such as weld operation, that are not supported in RobotExpert.

Once Mirror Operation supports continuous processes, I'm sure that we will make it available also in RobotExpert.


I'm not sure what you mean by "mirror resources", as it is part of Mirror Operation that I have already referred to. RobotExpert do support mirroring objects, including resources. This command even support a complete geometric and kinematics mirroring. Please look at Modeling - Edit - Mirror Objects command.

RobotExpert supports the creation of swept volumes. You are correct that the available functionality in Process Simulate is more advanced.


Pie Chart - please elaborate. What is the workflow/use case in which this is required for continuous process planning? Which continuous process is it required for?



Re: Robot Expert 11 (tr02) missing most important functions

Thank you for your answers.


In last months, i always worked with Robot Expert 11 TR02.


I find the software actually very interesting, and so do a lot of advertising.


just for freelancers or small companies, this software is very interesting.



- mirror of robot paths should be work (1. step: handling)    PRIO 1

- automatic create inference volume creation                     PRIO 2

- Mirror Operation Enhancements                                     PRIO 2

- Multiple Robot Templates                                              PRIO 2

- Process Simulate Disconnected Enhancements (you can see the robot External ID) big problem in Robot Expert                                                  PRIO 1


these functions are missing!



another problem:
I have created last weeks many PR's to Robot Expert.
Unfortunately, there is no hotfix or reply.
I have a feeling Robot Expert has no priority.





Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: Robot Expert 11 (tr02) missing most important functions


I'm glad that you find RobotExpert interesting with good business potential.

Few comments:

  • We consider to implement Mirror Operation for generic robotic operation type in RobotExpert.
  • Once i will be implemented, all relevant enhancements tat we implemented in TX11 will be available also in RobotExpert.
  • Multiple robot templates are supported in RobotExpert 11
  • PS disconnected enhancements: other than external ID, what other enhancements do you refer to? Why do you need the external ID of components in RobotExpert. Isn't the component folder path sufficient (available as a column in the Object Tree)?
  • Please share with me (in an email) the PR numbers.
  • RobotExpert is in high focus as we believe there is good business potential to it. We developed the Replicate Seam for RobotExpert, improved is functionality in 11.1, adding support t import assembly as an assembly (and not as monolitic) and more. I always wish I can do more, but this is true to any product development.

Re: Robot Expert 11 (tr02) missing most important functions

Esteemed expert Voelzke,

I want to know that can.we have any solution to import the the data of robot expert *.cell into PD or PS?
for example, a project data is created by robot expert but we.want to modify it by pd and ps, so we need to import it into pd or ps.
thanks in advance.

Re: Robot Expert 11 (tr02) missing most important functions

Hi Paul,


It is not possible to directly convert a RE study (cell) into PS/PD study to use it on eMS.

You have to rebuild the study.

Maybe this community post will help you:


Best regards


Re: Robot Expert 11 (tr02) missing most important functions

Hello Expert Patrick,
Thanks for your help very much.

best regards