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Robot Expert Trial version Cell building and components

Hi, a quick question or 2...

I have created a new cell, got in a robot, created some models.
I tried to get an existing positioner model but get this error.

c:\robot_expert\library_root\libraries\resources\positioners\abb\positioner_irbp_a750_d1000-h700_m2009_kin.cojt - The type of the component is not supported.

1. Is this a license issue because it is the trial version or for some other reason?

2. How can I interrogate an Object Tree resource to determine the component location within the PC system directory structure?


Re: Robot Expert Trial version Cell building and components

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter
Hi Martin,

1. To overcome the 1st issue, you simply need to run the positioner_irbp_a750_d1000-h700_m2009_kin.cojt component through the Convert CAD Files procedure (this will update its type). Please refer to the RobotExpert Quick Start Guide and follow the same steps as described for the Convert .co Components. Copy the positioner_irbp_a750_d1000-h700_m2009_kin.cojt to some temporary folder (this would be your source file for the conversion) and set the target to the corresponding folder in your Library Root folder (if you set the target to the same folder as in you error message, it should overwrite your existing positioner). After the conversion is complete, you will be able to insert the positioner into your cell.

2. To view the component location in Object Tree:
In the upper corner of the Object Tree window there is a Customize button (with and icon showing columns). After clicking this button, select the 'Component File' field from the General category and move it to the "Show Fields..." side. This will expose this information in the Object Tree and will also allow you to copy the path to the clip board.