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Robot Expert: Using a CLSF file from NX CAM

What is the correct application to add to Robot Expert to allow for cls input?  I have downloaded and installed RobotExpert_11.1 TR2_NC_CODE_64BIT_v1.10.1_26_05_2014.exe.  I see nothing different in the interface. 


Are there any sample files for Robot Expert that already include all of the objects required for simulation?  I'm having trouble understanding the basic workflow of the application.


I am trying to simulate a surgical procedure, where a Kuka robot is used to prepare a femur for a prosthetic implant.  I have used NX CAM extensively, but am new to Robot Expert.

Accepted by topic author A_Schaefers
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Robot Expert: Using a CLSF file from NX CAM

The application to add is RobotExpert_11.1TR2_CLS_UPLOAD_64BIT_v1.4.6_03_07_2014.exe NEW!  or similiar.  Once installed, add it to your customization.  Create a cell using the same Kuka robot model and import a CLSF from NX that matches your implant.