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Robot limitation with ABB rcs?

God morning guys,


at the moment I am working with PS 10.1, rcsabb_rw5.15.05.irc5.

When I try to start a simulation with more the four robots, I get following error message on the fifth robot:



ir_110060r03[RRS]> Hinweis an (p_40_v60w32_rx32) ToolHome1: RRS Meldung: ERROR:

50290: Service unavailable

Unable to obtain correct license.


Please check the license settings.

ir_110060r03[RRS]> Fehler an (p_40_v60w32_rx32) ToolHome1: Bewegung gescheitert: Internal software error., Fehler Code: -49



My flexlm-diagnostics says_



"abb_getnextstep" v5.0, vendor: rcsablmd
  License server: xbz
  floating license no expiration date



Is this a bug or just a licence limitation?

Thanks for your help Smiley Happy




Accepted by topic author thebang2
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Robot limitation with ABB rcs?

Most probably a license limitation. Look at your license file:




FEATURE abb_getnextstep rcsablmd 1.0 31-jan-2014 10 SIGN=65A8368474FA


The value 10 over there tells you that you can concurrently run up to 10 robots. You probably have 4.

Re: Robot limitation with ABB rcs?

Thats correct -thank you!