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Robot modules, macro for signals

Hello everyone,


I have some trouble with "robot modules" option.


I want to use this option for implementing makro files into robots programs.

Something like signal3=signal1&signal2.


I have added macro.src file to "robot modules", and PS have created folder Modules in structure of robot.


The problem is, when I start program, [DBG] is giving me:

Note: [DBG] Parsing INT function makro from module makro.src OK.

(so PS can read the file)


but few lines below, when i want to call for my makro:

Warning at P1: Failed to execute Call to makro: makro not found as neither robot module procedure nor macro


I created file according to example for driver, and I had no other errors (when I load RRS also no errors, so file is compiling, and function "call to makro" should be fine to, becouse of message at P1 that robot is trying to find something)

In driver instruction i found that Robot Modules are available

I'm working on PS10.1.


Is there some hidden trick for that?



Krzysztof Bazgier


Re: Robot modules, macro for signals

Can you show your makro.src file? I suspect your makro function expects input parameters...

Re: Robot modules, macro for signals

I want to implement basic VW functions like logic for M30 from makro50. So the makro was taken from working backup VKRC4.


I tried to implement many different combinations of files for that, but not a single function worked.

Imput parameters should work, according to that Note at the start, function makro is initialized, so i thought it should be fine.

Librarys should be added to driver VKRC for PS.


According to instructions it should be possible.



Accepted by topic author gargur
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Robot modules, macro for signals

For VKRC, there is a VkrcMacroMerge functionality shipped with the controller (under eMpower\Robotics\Olp\Kuka-Vkrc.

This facility creates a macro file (not a robot module) from VW makro.src.

Re: Robot modules, macro for signals

Thank You very much, it is working almost perfectly.


I have one finale question here.

When I want to apply makro50, it's the same like I wrote at the beginning.

If I change definition only from makro50 to, for example, makro51 and call SPS Makro 51, whole functions are working properly..


Shouldn't the driver read this makro as one of the basic?




Re: Robot modules, macro for signals

There is also a mapping between SPS and actions in Robot Setup / Gun Definition that superseeds.

If for instance, you have mapped SPS Makro 50 to action "Weld", then the simulation will perform Weld action at this command instead of calling the macro.

Re: Robot modules, macro for signals

I didn't do anything at all (maybe RCS reloaded), and it started working.


So thanks once more for help.