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Robot start and restart



I have a problem with my robot in line simulation that is I cannot find a signal to use to RESTART the robot once the robot has now recevied an estop. This is once the robot has started correctly and is moving though the program. The methods that I have used is the start signal for the operation or and start program signal both of which completely restart the robot from the beginning.


Thank you


Re: Robot start and restart



If I get you correctly, you want the robot to continue from the same position it was in the program, after recovering from e-Stop?

If that is correct - then e-Stop signal does not permit this.

On the other hand - you can utilize the robot's Program Pause signal for the same job (another name for a "soft" e-Stop).


Best of luck,


Re: Robot start and restart



Ok thanks got it. I have already used the pause but just dont really understand when estop signal will ever have a practical use.