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RobotExpert: Kuka RCS



Im trying to get the KUKA RCS module up and running in RobotExpert 11, but the only information regarding this matter I can find is the "Kuka-Krc controller on Process Simulate Short User Manual".


A lacking feature of that manual is among other things an explanation to where Im supposed to get the RCS module. We have a KUKA OfficeLite license. Does that help?


Thanks for any replies!



Re: RobotExpert: Kuka RCS

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KUKA RCS is an additional product (different from Kuka-Krc controller on Process Simulate and from Kuka Office Lite) that needs a specific license. Please contact your local Siemens PLM support office.

Re: RobotExpert: Kuka RCS


all the information/data for the installation of kuka rcs module you will find on the siemens plm ftp server.

No your kuka office lite licence doesn't help you get the rcs modul working.
You need a license for the kuka controller ( teach pendent) and additionally an extra license for the rcs module.



Re: RobotExpert: Kuka RCS


Ok, thanks for the answers!


But where do I find the information leading to for example the fact that there are information on the plm ftp server? The reason I'm asking is that I'm the only one at my institution currently working with RobotExpert and I've looked through the documentation that resides within the installation package. And from there the documentation is rather poor. Especially the html help file is very thin.


So I would be very gratefull if anyone had some links with documentation on anything relating to RobotExpert that does not follow the standard innstalation. 



Re: RobotExpert: Kuka RCS


documentation about kuka rcs module installation:


documentation about kuka controller:


further documentation e.g. release notes, new features etc.:


additional information (about the functions included in RE) you can get from the help file of RE. (F1)

If you have problems with the illustration of the help file in the web browser, you can change the notation of the help file in the Robot Expert Doctor.

RE Doc


all you need is access to the siemens ftp server.