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RobotExpert in FIMAQH Argentina's biggest industry fair.

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

Siemens Partner on Argentina - GRUPRO SA - Exposing Tecnomatix


On last May, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an Industrial Machinery fair was held. The FIMAQH fair is held once every 2 years and it is the biggest industrial fair of Argentina.


Grupro decided to attend the fair with 32m2 dedicated to Siemens PLM products. As we also have comercial relations with ABB Robotics, they lent us one Robot. With with robot and the use of 3 Siemens PLM products, we exposed a unique integration of this tools..


We placed the robot inside a cristal cube, and we programmed it to paint and erase on the walls of the cube, using Solid Edge to design, NX CAM to make the pathways and RobotExpert to simulate and program the cell. The results were very good, as we were able to show the fast and easy way to go from the idea to the results. Here there is a video showing how we did it.


In the fair we also held a conference called “The factory of the future - Today!” and, with the help of Renato Leite we were able to explain the whole idea behind Tecnomatix.


Here are some pictures and videos from the fair.


Thanks for everyone who helped in the making and specially to Siemens PLM Brasil.


You can also see some information about it in our webpage