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RobotExpert won't save programs


I don't know if this is due to RobotExpert or due to my PC, but sometimes when I've been working with RobotExpert all day it starts behaving badly. When I've created a program and download it to robot, it opens the Select File window and allows me to give it a name and choose a location for the file, but when I press Save the window closes and nothing happens... I mean, it doesn't create the program file. When I try it again the next day, it'll work fine. Does anyone else have this kinda problem?


Re: RobotExpert won't save programs

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This could be an access rights issue to the folder/file where you want to store the program.

This could also be a software bug.

I suggest you can activate the Tecnomatix Application Logs

(Tecnomatix Doctor-->Tools-->Tecnomatix Application Logs)

and when the issue happens you can report to GTAC with the log attached.


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Re: RobotExpert won't save programs


I doubt it's an access rights issue since most of the time I'm able to save the program and I use the same folder. Unfortunately I don't have access to GTAC because I'm a student working with university computer/licence, but thank you for the reply.