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SIMBA VW safety

Hello everyone,

During comunnication between PS and PLC I have all signals working fine beside safety signals like 1ISN1 (VW project)..

Does enyone know how to deal with that kind of problem?


Betreff: SIMBA VW safety



you info is very small.


What is your problem?

do you connect ps to real plc?


What is your connection mode ? (Simba)



Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Betreff: SIMBA VW safety

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Yes, the topic is about SIMBA. I have working PLC connection, and I have few VIBN cells done in VW standard.


The problem is, as I wrote, about one of the cell, that have all signals working correctly beside safety like closed dors. There is like no connection at all.


Process Simulate 11.1 with hotfixes

Betreff: SIMBA VW safety

do you work with ps 11.1?


do you configurated the ps11.1 (prototype) simba function correct?



normal signals connect correct to simba?


please check the parity bit from safety elements in simba (simualation Unit)


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Betreff: SIMBA VW safety

"Process Simulate 11.1 with hotfixes" (this responsible for connection with PLC to)


"have all signals working correctly beside safety like closed dors" - all normal signals are working fine


Everything looks ok in SimulationUnit, all connections are bright green. One thing is that few safety cards have some error on PLC (propably according to signals are not passing)


I even checked if configurations are the same in Simulation Unit, and PLC. It looks ok to..


And as I said before, I have few cells ready with this standard, but its first time I have error like this..


Betreff: SIMBA VW safety

i can understand you.

but ps and commissioning present every day new faces.


i have only 1 idea.


create a new ps cell with one safety signal. (connect to simba) (correct adress of plc hardware)


reset simba box.

load plc program again.


start complety from beginning with 1 signal from ps.


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke
Accepted by topic author gargur
‎11-16-2015 07:22 AM

Betreff: SIMBA VW safety

I deleted all cards with errors, add again all the same hardware in PLC - same addresses, modules, names and its working now..


Thank You for discussion.