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SIMIT connection Process Simulate 12

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I already posted a question about the OPC connection (still isnt working) but I'm also interrested in the SIMIT connection.


In SIMIT I created a OPC server coupling and in PS I dit the following:

this gives me a validated SIMIT connection.


When I initialise in SIMIT (V8) and then run the simulation from the Sequence Editor in PS I'm getting the error: SIMIT simulation must be started first. When I start the SIMIT simulation, SIMIT gives me an error: SIMIT communication was faulty.


Is there anybody who's gotton the SIMIT connection working?


Thanking you in advance.




Re: SIMIT connection Process Simulate 12

actually the options-dialog is a unfortunately misleading here.

SIMIT Connection Setting is actually meant to make a time-synchronized connection to the SIMIT-EMU (SIMIT Emulation Platform).


If you connect to the SIMIT OPC, you need the standard connection as for any other OPC-server.


Why you cannot connect to a local OPC I have no idea. Usually remote servers are rather problematic.

You may remove the backslashes before the string. E.g. my server is local\OPC.SimaticNET

Check using the validate button.


If validated, but still nothing happens, check if in signal-viewer the columns

- PLC connection is set for your signal

- external connection points to your defined OPC-server




Re: SIMIT connection Process Simulate 12

Thanks for your reply!


I managed to change the OPC server to: local\Simit.OpcDaSever, SIMIT server address is still the same. This is a validated setup.


Still getting the same error from PS, SIMIT needs to start the simulation first. So, I guess the problem is with the SIMIT EMU platform?



Re: SIMIT connection Process Simulate 12

now I'm puzzled.

Do you have SIMIT or SIMIT EMU? These are different products.


But I just saw something else...sorry to have missed that before.

You seem to have set up an OPC 3.0 server (Simit.OpcDaServer=Da=DirectAccess).

PS currently supports only OPC 1.1a standard.

In not too far future we will switch to OPC-UA.


Add a 1.1a server to your SIMIT-project and try to connect to that one.

Re: SIMIT connection Process Simulate 12

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Hello, thanks for your help.


I didnt knew about SIMIT EMU. Do you have any additional info about this product? Do you mean the SIMIT Virtual Controller? 



Best Regards,



Re: SIMIT connection Process Simulate 12

Esteemed expert GuidoDamm,
I also encounter the problem about how to use SIMIT to do the VC simulation for plcsim, PS.
can you introduce me the general steps for PS and plcsimand the pre-request for it.
for example the release of softwares packages and so on

thanks for your attention in advance.

Re: SIMIT connection Process Simulate 12

Esteemed Expert , Thanks for your attention to my questions, but I want to know how to connect SIMIT with PS 12. I want to realize the function of connection between SIMIT and PS 12 as the attachment. when you are available, please help me about it. thanks sincerely in advance. paul