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Searching for unused Prototypes

We are using PD in an automotive enviroment.


Is there a possible way to search for unused prototypes in a library (parts)?

I´m searching for a way to "log" the unused prototypes to delete them from PD and also from the sysroot.


I can delete the prototypes in PD to "test" if they are in use (not used = able to delete), but after that i have no comfortable way to delete them on the sysroot.


What´s the best way to handle this problem?

Accepted by topic author thebang2
‎04-21-2017 06:15 AM

Re: Searching for unused Prototypes

Unfortunately there are only workarounds, that depend on what you want to achieve:
If you want to identify .cojt's that are not referenced by any prototype, you maybe delete all tunedata. xml's, execute 'update libraries' from PD to regenerate them. Afterwards you may run a script that removes all. cojt's that have no tunedata.

If you want to extract the .cojt's that are referenced by a specific structure in PD, you may create a study with it, load in PS and store locally, using the 'save as psz and library components' feature.

Re: Searching for unused Prototypes

Hi GuidoDamm,

I think the first solution did it.

I have searched for all tunedata-files in my protytype-folders and deleted them. After that I rebuild the tundata.xmls via "update libraries" funktion.

I have written an python script which searches for the cojt-folders without tundata.xml and deletes it - at the first view that worked for me.


One last question - as long as the prototype is somewhere in a part library in PD, it gets a new tunedata.xml with the "update library"-function?

Re: Searching for unused Prototypes

yes, it creates, or if exits overwrites, the Tunedata.xml with current eMS-attributes.