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Servo gun and gun

Using tool definition we can define one gun as "gun" or "servo gun".what's the difference? I find that if it defined as "gun",I can define the gun state(open,sim open,close) of locations in path editor panel.but if defined as "servo gun",the gun state of locations could not be can I change the gun state of locations if it defined as servo gun?

Re: Servo gun and gun

A servo gun is a gun that is controlled via robot external axes. Its motion is coordinated with the motion of the robot. You have 'Servo Value" parameter in the path editor to populate it, with an explicit value in mm.

Re: Servo gun and gun

Thank you for your answer!how can I understand the parameter "servo value"?what's the relation between "servo value" and gun pose(open, close, simopen)?can I defined servo value to simulate the gun pose?

Re: Servo gun and gun

When you use a servo gun, there is no longer gun states OPEN, SEMI OPEN, CLOSE. Instead you define a servo gun position (servo value) in mm at each location.


On weld location, the robot will arrive at the location with the programmed servo value position inmm, then close the gun, wait welding time and then reopen the gun to the programmed servo value in mm.

Re: Servo gun and gun

Thanks GillesVelay.I have tried to set the servo value for every location,after I run the simulation,it seems not right.Maybe I did  wrong.First I defined the Servo gun as external axes of robot and then define servo value in path editor...or should I first set external axes values of lacations?sorry I am beginner. can you show me a Video or tell me the detail steps?

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Servo gun and gun



i hope i can help u.


is your gun really defined as servo gun in the tool definition window?


the gun is "mounted" and correctly defined as "ext axis" of the robot?


select "servo value" column from "customize column" menu. (depends on your controller. in this case "default" controller)


if everything is correctly defined, the servo gun should open and close.

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