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Set TCP of a Robot

Hello Community,


I am working with a Robot and I need 2 TCP's

1 for an drillingtool

1 for an camerasystem


Maybe someone of you know how to add  TCP's  to an robotmodel?


Hope you can help me Smiley Happy


Re: Set TCP of a Robot



Which robot controller do you use?


If you use "Default" contoller you can define several TCPs using "Robot Tool Box".

In Path Editor you need to select the defined TCP in column "Work Tool".


If you have a specific robot controller e.g. Kuka or Abb you can define your TCPs in "Robot Setup".

In Path Editor use column e.g. "Tool Data" (Abb) or "Tool Nr" (Kuka). Something with "Tool.." depends on robot controller.


I  hope this helps


Best regards


Re: Set TCP of a Robot


Thanks for the answer.


I am using a Kuka Robot.

Where is the button for Robot Tool Box or Robot Setup?

When I use the Search-Function of NX I dont get matches with those two words :/

I only got the menus of "Robotic Machining" which you can see in the screenshot at the end.

Or do you mean Machine Tool Builder where i can define an additionally TCP? 



Re: Set TCP of a Robot



Ok, you´re using Robotics module in NX. I thought you use Process Simulate.


I´m sorry but I´m not familiar with robotics in NX.




Best regards


Re: Set TCP of a Robot


Let me know which version do you use? 
I have version switcher and I can check it for you. 

I am not experienced user of Process Simulate, but I would help for this topic, I guess. 

in version 13.0.2
1. Click the target robot
2. follow the way: Robot->Setup->Robot Properties

     or right click to toolbar, customize the ribbon: search for robot and find Robot properties. 

you can see the properties and settings for the clicked robot such  that TCP frame settings, mount tool. 

Re: Set TCP of a Robot



I am using Siemens NX  MP10(27 April 2016).


The dont have the menus that you show in picture.

I only have the 3 options in the red box of the picture at the end.


Re: Set TCP of a Robot

Aaa, you are using, NX cam robot tools. 


I am not sure but, you can choose tools (mean cutting tools) from standart cam setting menu. 
All robots have tcp for toolholder and all toolholder has own tcp for cutting tools. and all tools has mount frame. if you choose your cutting tools as regulary, you will see its mounted to the robot that you called. 

I do not have that software. Sorry.