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Setting a simple linear conveyor


I'm having a hard time setting a simple linear conveyor for parts. Can someone guide me how to do this?

When i'm setting a skid conveyor it works perfect but i have trouble with part conveyor.

I work on Process Simulate 12.0TR1.


Kind regards,



Re: Setting a simple linear conveyor

Hi AK,

what is exactly the problem?

Did you "Define conveyable part"?

Is the ancor frame of the part in contact with the conveying surface?


Re: Setting a simple linear conveyor

Hi Guido,
thanks for your reply.
I do define part as conveyable and i think conveying frame of the part is in contact with conveying surface.
I guess signal connection is the problem.

Can you show me step-by-step how to correctly define ordinary conveyor?

Re: Setting a simple linear conveyor

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Hello , 



After your conveyor is in the study , go to CEE tab and acces "Define As Linear Conceptual Conveyor " .

Insert the parameters that you desire for your conveyor and make sure that " Skid Conveyor " is not checked . 

After your conveyor was defined you have to check the parts and make sure that they are defined as conveyable part and they are imported as products and not resources . If you start the simulation and the conveyor is not moving the part , try to raise the conveyor tolerance which you set at previous point ( in conveyor parameters). 

Remember , the conveyor will work only if you set as the currrent operation the highest one in hierarchy from Operation tree.

Have a good day .