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Signals in CEE and PLC modus



In the robot signals i defined some pose signals. Those signals are connected with signals defined in the signal viewer.

Hereby it occurs that signals only connected to the robot only works in PLC mode and not in CEE mode. 

 6-12-2017 15-08-59.jpg


So the signals works in PLC mode but won't work in CEE mode:

6-12-2017 15-25-35.jpg

When connecting also the signals to an empty logic blocks as entries,the signal will also work in CEE mode. signal viewer.jpgHow is this possible? Need signals in CEE mode always be connected to a LB?


Thanks in advance. 


Re: Signals in CEE and PLC modus

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Yes, signal (also of sensors) that are not connected are ignored.
Except maybe for testing, they don't make sense. Just add all inputs to a dummy exit and all outputs to a dummy entry.