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Simba Box + Tia portal V13 - safety problem


We work a lot with Simba and process simulate to apply virtual commissioning, and we have a problem on a new project with Tia V13.

When we import the HW configuration file from Tia (OMS file) everything seems ok, but when we make the connection with the PLC, there is a problem with the profisafe nodes.

The PLC cannot access the module to set the F-destination address, the communication is blocked.


From simulation unit software everything seems ok, It is also possible to plug and unplug the safety modules, but it is not possible to communicate safety signals with PLC.

This is the first project using Tia V13 so maybe there is something in configuration that is missing. With S7 classic we never had this issue.


Does anyone can help me?


Re: Simba Box + Tia portal V13 - safety problem

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Siemens Phenom

Maybe someone here can, but I'm afraid this is the wrong forum for that question.

You should contact Simba customer-support at



Re: Simba Box + Tia portal V13 - safety problem

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I my case I found that there was a global reset bit needed to be toggled and then the safey modules went ok



Re: Simba Box + Tia portal V13 - safety problem


I had once problem like that.

I needed newer Simba box with support for newer safety modules.