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StationProcess in PS




I have a few question about StationProcess (or PrStationProcess) in Process Simulate.


After reading this post by Ushan ( I was wondering about this StationProcess.

I have not get any errors about switching study mode after updated my PS to 12.0TR1 (with the version 11 I had the error few times). So have I accidentally created the correct process or is this something which has changed in PS version 12?

When I start a new project, I just create a new LSM project, import my 3D models and create a new CompOp under operations. After these steps I move all the created operations under CompOp and it seems to work so far.


This is quoted from the post: "1. You need to create a StationProcess in the navigation tree and put that in the study before you load it. When you create your Operations in process simulate they should be INSIDE this StationProcess. The error message is because your station has no Process node."


- How do I get inside this Navigation Tree? (I have attached a picture about this)

- What is a Process node?



Best regards



Re: StationProcess in PS

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Hello SaMe.

First answer: Yes. This was changed in version 11.1.TR3, so in version 12.0 you no longer have to have a PrStationProcess to work in Line Simulation, but can use a Compound Operation instead. This change was done to allow users to work with Process Simulate Standalone or Process Simulate Disconnected without eMserver entirely.


Since you cannot access the Navigation Tree I am assuming you are using Process Simulate Standalone\Disconncted.

The Navigation Tree allows the user to browse the data base (the eMserver) and hence is disabled in Disconnected.


And lastly, a PrStationProcess is an eMserver object which is a container for various Operations. There are other nodes such as a PrPlantProcess or PrLineProcess as well which allow the user to build the hirerchy of his BOP. Since these are eMserver objects, they cannot be created in PS disconnected (but you can now use a Compound Operation instead J)


I hope this answers all your questions,


Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: StationProcess in PS


Hello and thank you for the reply Gal_Snir,

Yes you did answered for all the questions very well.


Best regards