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Strange axis configuration

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Hi everyone,

I´m using PS 10.1 with ABB RCS 5.15.

Somtimes when I upload my code from a existing robot to the simulation, the robot really strange axis configurations, example below. On the real robot axis 2/3 are in another configuration (second picture it should look like).


Whats the problem that this robot got these strange configurations? configuration error in the RCS-Module?


Re: Strange axis configuration

Can you provide:

1) the robtarget definition in the program file

2) the "configuration" column for this location in path editor

3) robot jog window (robot joint position) after performing "Jump Assigned Robot" to the location

Re: Strange axis configuration

1. Origin robtarget:

CONST robtarget b1006_R_a:=[[634,-280.5,95.47],[0.990739,-0.000353,0.001425,-0.135781],[0,-1,-2,0],[9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9]];

 2.  path location below!

3. Joint jog window after jumping!

Re: Strange axis configuration

behavior is correct as far as I can see:


Config [0,-1,-2,0] means:

0: J1 between 0 and +90

-1: J4 between -90 and 0

-2: J6 between -180 and -90


Jump gives J1=6, J4=-51 and J6=-156


Which corresponds to the config flags.

Re: Strange axis configuration

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Thats correct, but the robot takes this configuration only when I jump to the position. When I start the complete simulation, the moves are different. I´ve made a short video to explain:



Re: Strange axis configuration

Is it a simulation with RCS connected? Or with Tecnomatix MOP motion planner?

Re: Strange axis configuration

Awkward... The robot was configured, but rcs was not activated.

Okay, that was the problem, thanks for the hint!