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TCPF change in a single gripper


   I need to assign two different TCPFs in the same gripper for my application. Also, I need to change the TCPFs during pick and place of two different parts. Please help me how to do this.


Please refer the attached image, where I have mentioned the location of the TCPFs.

The sequence is

1. Pick PART 1 with TCPF1 and place it.

2. Change Tool frame from TCPF 1 to TCPF 2.

3. Pick PART 2 with TCPF 2 and place it.


Accepted by topic author srinaath
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: TCPF change in a single gripper



for your robot select in the "robot properties" the ABB robot Controller. (tab Controller).

After that, in the buttom right corner select "robot setup".

Go to "base data definition" and select "tool data".

In the empty window type in a name for your tool e.g. t1.

Then click on the frame button in the right side of "tool frame" and select de frame of your TCP.

Repeat this two steps before with your secound TCP e.g. t2.


Now in the path editor your can customize your personal columns. For the ABB robot select all colums you need. For Tool select "tool data". in the dropdown menu for each location in the tool data column you can select the before created tools.

Re: TCPF change in a single gripper

Hello dear Patrick,
I have also want to change TCP in simulation,but from welding gun to gripper.Is that the only way in the controller tab to change TCP?Because i have no license of OLP module in my process simulate.can u help me?

Re: TCPF change in a single gripper

Hi Hulala,


There are two ways how to do this.

I thought you have a license for a robot teach pendant.


You can also use the robot toolbox. Here you can define your TCPs and then in the PathEditor you can select for each location an individual TCP.

Re: TCPF change in a single gripper

you define under robot toolbox 2 tcp's

in robot path you select the tcp (column "work tool")

path 1  weld  with tcp gun

path 2 grip with tcp gripper 1

path 3 grip with tcp gripper 2


modeling in gripper 2 tcp frames


you have to select the grip event under the olp command

grip 1 select tcp frame 1 (modeling in gripper)

grip 2 select tcp frame 2 (modeling in gripper)







Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: TCPF change in a single gripper

Very well,I use the robot toolbox and it works in path editor.
But my robot teach pendant is alway deactivated when I selected a location.

Re: TCPF change in a single gripper

have you installed the default controller for process simulate? (see in tecnomatix doctor)

you have to select in your cell the robot properties to default controller (see picture)


load the robot path in path editor and press right click on a location (see picture)




Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke