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Tool Definition and Kinematics Editor



I am new to process simulate on teamcenter and I am struggling to define a tool.
I need to create a gripper in order to use it in a process but I have not been able tyo do it....
I have created a resource in teamcenter which has a  direct model data set (with a jt file created in a cad software) assigned to it. This resource was included in the plant and process used in process simulate.
Once I am in process simulate I can not define it as tool because it says "the component is currently locked for modeling"
Also if I try to create kinematics to the resource there is not available option in the kinematics editior menu.
See picture:



Can anybody explain me how I can create a gripper??? why the definition tool menu is locked?

Should I create the tool first in a cad softaware? In this case how I introduce it in process simulate through teamcenter in order to be able to define it as tool?

I will apreciate any help with that ... if there is any guide that you can provide me it would be very nice since I have not found much in the Reference Manual...

Thanks a lot




Re: Tool Definition and Kinematics Editor

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In Prrocess Simulate in order to make changes in a component - such as creating kinematics - the component must be "set to Modeling".

If the component is not in modeling, the dialogs will be "read only" which is what you are experiencing.


To set in modeling:


1. Select your tool

2. Go to the "Modeling" menu and select "Select Modeling Scope". Your tool will be set to modeling. you can verify this by looking at it's icon in the Object Tree. It will have a red "M" indication overlayed on it.

3. Make the changes you want (Kineamatics Editor, Tool Defintion, etc.).

4. To save your modeling: go again to Modeling -> End Modeling. 

5. Make sure and Update Teamcenter (Plant) !


You can also find this information in the PS user manual (F1), for example under the "Modeling Components" topic. 

Kind regards,
Gal Snir