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Tool Definition objects

I'm trying to define a tool that I can use to trace a CLSF file.  It's not clear what objects need to be in place to do this.


Is a tool a part or a resource?

Do I need to assign kinematics to it?

Will it contain a frame?


When I select my part, the tool definition button is not active.  So I'm obviously not clear on the requirements for a tool.

Accepted by topic author A_Schaefers
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Tool Definition objects

Typically a resource is defined as a tool.  Open your resource for modeling, Go to Kinematics - Tool Definition.  The application will assign dummy kinematics if required.  It is good practice to model a frame at the tcp.  Save your modeling, use Mount command to attach to the robot and set the tcp.