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Turntable in Linesimulation


I'm working on the small robot cell in PS thats showen in the picture. PS is running in Linesimulation Mode with PLCSIM. I handle parts with the robot in the upper left corner to the turntable. The table rotates 90 degrees (With the parts on the table) and the robot adds a second set of parts to the table. Now the table rotates 90 degrees again, but the second set of parts stays at the first position.(The first set is on 180 degrees now) The Table is defined as a turntable and the parts were attached at every start of the turn and detacht at every end.

Why does only the first set of parts rotate withe the turntable?

Is there an other way to solve this problem?

I try to add a short video later.Turntable.JPG


Re: Turntable in Linesimulation

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Siemens Phenom



In which way you are doing the Attach and Detach to the turntabel?


Why only the first part is attached, every new appearance is a new object, so maybe for the first one it´s the correct one but not for the following parts.


A workaround could be, to create a little dummy gripper (very simple kinematics and OPEN/CLOSE Pose) and you place this gripper on the table at your four location were the parts will be placed.

Define this gripper as as gripper in "Tool Definition" and set your appearance in "Gripped Object List".

Use "Automatic Pose Action/Sensor  Creation" to create a LB and connect some signals to OPEN/CLOSE and GRIP/RELEASE.


That´s it.


Best regards


Re: Turntable in Linesimulation


Hello Patrick

Thank you for your quick reply. I already thougt about placing a gripper on the table, but I hoped theres an other way to do it.

But I works fine this way.


To attach the parts to the table, I create the process to turn the table. Then I use the attach command and select the four parts. At the end of the process I use the detach command and also select the four parts.