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Twin gun Kinematics in Robcad


Hello all, 


Now i am facing problem with twin gun weld action in Robcad. Twin gun (X type & C type) is directly mounted on robot. In a weld path, few weld spots need to be taken by C gun & rest with X gun. I have created two seperate joints for twin gun in single mechanism (singe .co), but only one joint i can add when i am defining as servo gun, means i am going to loose weld action for another type. How to resolve this issue and how to get individual weld action in robcad.


Kindly give me solution. 





Re: Twin gun Kinematics in Robcad

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You need to create 2 .co, one for the C gun, one for the X gun. Depending on the controller (DCM package) you are using, you can define an active gun on the weld location among the 2 that are connected. The active gun will be the one that will weld.