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Uploaded Program Debilitating Slowdown


I'm running Process Simulate 13.0 with FANUC RCS.

I have an odd problem that appears to only affect robots with a mounted servo gun. I can run an existing path with no issue. But when I download and then upload the program, it takes an unreasonable amount of time to add the operation to the path editor. I'd say it takes a good 4 minutes per via. The CPU core is maxed out like it's really trying.


The other thing I notice when the program finally opens in the path editor is that the joint columns are all blank. Normally my J1 - J6 columns contain data. Trying to play the simulation is equally slow. Trying to change any of the column fields also makes it hang.


Any ideas what could cause this?


Re: Uploaded Program Debilitating Slowdown

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



Please report to GTAC for more detailed analysis.




Re: Uploaded Program Debilitating Slowdown


Reporting to GTAC is unfortunately not an option for me at the moment due to third party contracts.


Some new information:

The problem is not related to robots with servo mounted guns. That was a coincidence.

It is also not releated to the RCS as disabling it does not affect the problem.

Re: Uploaded Program Debilitating Slowdown


I have a workaround. Stripping the config data from the FANUC listing files before uploading to Process Simulate avoids the slowdown. I can then reteach the config and all is well.


For bulk config stripping you can use this regular expression:

(\s*CONFIG : ')(.*)