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Using API, trying to update addins for Process Simulate 12.1

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I've just updated from Process Simulate 10.1 to 12.1, and am trying to use some add-ins I wrote on the earlier version.

I had references in my VS project to Tecnomatix.Engineering, but now I can't find this assembly - there are a bunch named Tecnomatix.Application (not very helpful that they all have the same name but use different dlls!), but I can't find Tecnomatix.Engineering.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Re: Using API ate update to PS12.1

Tecnomatix.Engineering.dll is still under eMPower...

Re: Using API ate update to PS12.1

Cheers, thanks. Don't know how I missed it.

Re: Using API ate update to PS12.1

Btw: your dll's probably still work in 12.x without recompiling (just for the case you didn't know)