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VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC



The issue is: lack of approximation in VKRC robots.

When I'm starting our VIBN simulation: connection between Process Simulate and PLC whole approximation is lost.
Comparison You'll find in attachment.


I'm using Process Simulate 11.1 - Volkswagen asked for this version, and controller Kuka-Vkrc 8.2.1


When calling program via Path Editor robot is moving correctly and approximation is fine in points with C_PTP zone


Example of via point in the path: with Volkswagen standard FB PSPS is settled in every point in the path for conditions check.


Had anyone similar problem?


Re: VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC

FB PSPS is simulated as a WaitSignal, forcing therefore full arrival on the parent location. This is by design, because Kuka RCS does not allow signal check on the fly due to precalculation of the paths, several targets in advance.

Re: VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC

Ok, thats what I thought.

But now, how can I check time of robots paths with signals if they are stopping in every point?

And how robots on shop floor working with approximation for VKRC RCS if it's not allowed?

Re: VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC

First, you can turn signal simulation off in Tools / Options / Motion, but then all signals will be ignored which is probably not what you want.


You can also comment out the FB PSPS command, or create an Olp Configuration XML for them with an empty simulation layer.


I have heard of 3rd alternative, for which you would also need to go via Olp Configuration XML. Instead of using an empty simulation layer, you would send a signal to a PLC (send signal is simulated on the fly) which will compute the expression and send a PAUSE signal to the robot until the expression is false. I never tried myself but I understood from other people that this workaround works.


In the future, we might be able to integrate this mechanism transparently but it is not yet done.


The RCS is a limited implementation of the real controller, so the real robot might be able to do more than the RCS.


Re: VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC

This is pretty much terrible...

First solution is as You wrote not an option.

Comment out FB PSPS manualy from whole project also.

Sending signals to PLC is not an option too in my opinion, because of not every signal is sended there. We have a lot of signals between robot and cell, it would be just partial check of conditions, and robots would stop.

Im using VKRC controller, as You can see at my first post. Will some kind of switch with Olp Configuration XML overwrite FB PSPS command? I think You mean something like that in second solution.


There must be posibility to change FB PSPS:
      1. To text or making all of them comments
      2. To wait signal as it was again

Do You have maby some idea how it could look like? I haven't used Olp Configuration XML yet


There is also one more trouble.. because if I'll change all FB PSPS to text I'll lose all collisions between robots. Maybe better would be some kind of template which would comment out all FB PSPS and add condition Wait for E41 after A81 = EIN? Do You know something about generating template file like that? Good thing also would be to be able to reverse this with second template..


Does relly anyone check times for VW before with FB PSPS turned on?? what for is funcionality of signals check if it's blocking robot movement?

Re: VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC

It was a customer requirement to simulate FB PSPS as Wait Signal.


The workaround is to create such a command via XML Olp Configuration instead of creating it as a simple string (with the default VKRC Command editor).

In this case the simulation will use the simulation layer of the command (you can put here whatever you want even an empty section if you do not want to simulate it) instead of catching the string command and simulating it as WaitSignal.

Just make sure to put UI layer and Download layer as the existing command syntax.


More information about OlpConfiguration XML can be found under eMPower\Robotics\Olp\RoboticsCustomizedUIManual.pdf.

Re: VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC

Thank You for fast answering.


I have another idea how it could works, but I don't know if it's possible..


I'm thinking about using some template file to add functionality for OLP Commands like:

Found all points in the cell with signal (e.g.) "A78 = EIN" and add just below it another (e.g.) "A48 = EIN".

Second part would replace all "FB PSPS = xxx" with ";-- FB PSPS = xxx"


Maybe You would know how to build something like that?

Re: VIBN lack of approximation - VKRC

I am not sure it is feasible via Path Templates...