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[VS2013] Add/delete Tecnomatix controls

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I want to get familiar with the Tecnomatix.Engineering.UI controls. Therfore I use C#, Visual Studio 2013 and Version 11.1 of the Tecnomatix applications (Process Simulate)

I added the controls to Visual studio as it is decribed in the SDK help.

But when I drag and drop a control to the form, I mostly get an error that Tecnomatix.Engineering dll is not found. (see Add.png)

I also get an error if I want to delete a control on the form (see Delete.png)


What am I doing wrong?

What other dlls should be added as a reference in a project?



Re: [VS2013] Add/delete Tecnomatix controls

Hi Markus,


I´m not 100% sure, but TX controls with V11.1 only work in 32bit version of PS.


With 11.1 TR3 or higher you can use the TX controls of the 64bit version.


I started with 11.1TR3 without any problem. The same with all versions after that (12.x)



Re: [VS2013] Add/delete Tecnomatix controls

Hi Patrick, thank you for the reply.


That is what I suspected after I read this thread.