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Variable (signal) XML import / export

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PLM World Member Phenom



i have a question about the XML Import / Export for Signals.

Why distinguishes the xml format between version PS 10.1 and PS 11.1?


String PS 10.1

        <Symbol SymbolType="Resource Output Signal" Name="+40R01_O_QS_Res16" DataType="BOOL" Comment="+40R01: Reserve" Address="2716.0" Id="eM-Plc10" OPCConnection=""/>



String PS 11.1

<Symbol PLCResource="" SymbolType="Input Signal" ExternalConnection="" Name="+40R01_O_QS_Res16" DataType="BOOL" Comment="+40R01: Reserve" Address="2716.0 " Id="eM-Plc9361"/>


Why is the import of the XML so extremely slowly?


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke