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Weld point problem




I have got trouble with weld point. I have got two parts, which I will welding together. After weld I will have got compound part. When I'm in standard mode simulation everything is correct and work. First part came to the fixture and second part with wp came also. Robot is welding and after that compound is going outside from fixture.

But when I'm switching to Line simulation. I create appereances. Then play simulation and first part is ok and second part also came to the fixture, but welds are still on first position (not moving to the fixture) and simulation stops because of robot reach position problem, what is correct.


Could you help me how to attach wp on line simulation or what I am doing wrong?


Thank you very much. 


Re: Weld point problem




for line simulation you have to prepare the material flow with the "Material Flow Viewer".

To keep your compound at the end of welding you need a further operation, otherwise the compound will disappear.


Normally your weldpoints should be attached to the parts but you can do "Assign Parts" again and all weldpoint should be attached to you part.